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NYCIVF Fertility treatment is centered on you. We are interested in hearing your story, personal goals and family building plans. We concentrate on understanding your personal fertility issues and chances for a healthy pregnancy and underline your participation in your fertility care. When you come to visit us we aim at delivering a superior experience in terms of medical and personal care. Your fertility care is delivered consistently by the same reproductive endocrinologist & fertility specialist.

Fertility Treatment

At NYCIVF we do not stress on making quick treatment decisions. We not only focus on medical issues but also on emotional care and convenience, respecting your privacy, timetable and daily commitments. We apply only so much medicine, science, and surgery as is necessary to reach your particular family building goal. We will offer you IVF and other advanced fertility options when you need it and when it carries high chance for success. Otherwise, we will start with simple fertility solutions. Care is guided by the best evidence and follows or exceed national guidelines.

Physicians at NYCIVF have extensive expertise in managing simple and complex fertility problems including low egg reserve, high FSH, low AMH, PCOS, IUI, In vitro fertilization (IVF), egg freezing, donor oocytes, PGD and prior unsuccessful IVF cycles.