Our Fertility Team

We are a team of reproductive endocrinologists and fertility specialists, dedicated to providing world class fertility care, delivered in the most private and compassionate way. Our fertility team aim at achieving the highest success rates while minimizing fertility treatment discomfort and inconvenience.

How We Care for You?

We partner with you to provide individualized fertility solutions in a private and personal setting. We want to make sure that you consistently receive the best possible experience when you come to visit us, medically and emotionally.

How We Support Your Fertility Journey

We see the path to fertility and building a family as a journey that takes each patient, or couple, through a unique set of steps—sometimes only a few simple steps and sometimes more complex ones. We understand that infertility treatment can be stressful. That's why, at NYCIVF, we're committed to supporting you in every way that we can—starting with your initial consultation and continuing each step of the way.

How We Have Helped Others Build a Family

Watch and read about how we have helped others with their fertility treatment success at NYCIVF.

Who will care for you

Your relationship and level of comfort with your doctor is an important part of treatment. That's why, at NYCIVF, you will be cared for by one fertility specialist throughout your time with us.