How We Care For You

Personalized, private fertility care in the heart of NYC

We partner with you to provide individualized fertility solutions in a private and personal setting. We want to make sure that you consistently receive the best possible experience when you come to visit us, medically and emotionally.

  • Personal & private care: When you call us we usually schedule you at a time of your convenience. Your evaluation and treatment will be conducted in a setting that preserves your privacy and dignity. You will be counseled and treated by the same physician. Your physician will contact you personally before and during treatment and you will have liberal access to him to discuss concerns and questions. Learn more about NYCIVF’s fertility care team.
  • Your insights and concerns will be taken seriously: After initial fertility consultation we discuss together a provisional plan. The target is to conclude all fertility tests within two weeks including initial tests or any required tests based on your prior treatment. We encourage you to discuss any concern or interest e.g. your insight into your fertility issues, complementary or alternative treatments, what you read or heard from friends and family.
  • You will not be denied the chance to try to conceive with your own eggs because of low ovarian reserve: Testing for ovarian reserve (number of eggs remaining in the ovary) is essential before starting treatment. Low ovarian reserve (advanced age, high FSH, low AMH) is however not a reason to deny treatment. Women with expected low response should still try using their own eggs.
  • Your needs and wishes will drive your treatment plan: We aim at identifying your unique fertility issues and personal aspirations, then discuss your options and tailor the most feasible treatment plan to you. Before starting fertility treatment we stress on explaining different options and expected success rates and you are not rushed to make any treatment decisions.
  • You will be offered the simplest solutions first: We strive to select the simplest but also the most effective treatment to achieve a healthy baby. In many cases a simple solution may yield a very satisfactory outcome while in others IVF is the more successful and safer approach. Our clinic also utilizes the latest innovations in reproductive medicine to address your special needs.
  • Your visits will be planned around your schedule. Although fertility treatments may require multiple visits, we don't believe that they should be disruptive to your schedule and privacy. When you come to see us, we usually take care of you right away. For your privacy and convenience, treatment visits will be set around your schedule.
  • Your safety and the safety of your baby will always be our highest priority. Your safety and the safety of your baby are of utmost importance. Extensive genetic screening, reduction of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and multiple pregnancies is our priority while providing you with excellent pregnancy rates.
  • See What NYC Fertility Care Center Can Do For You. Contact NYCIVF (800) 853-7595 Schedule Your Fertility Consultation.