When Should You Come For A Fertility Consultation

In general there is no harm in consulting with a reproductive endocrinologist and a potential for great benefit. If you are concerned about you reproductive age (ovarian reserve), effects of Polycystic ovaries, fibroids or endometriosis or any fertility issue, you should seek consultation. In addition, preconception counseling and labs may reveal significant abnormality that could be treated in the mother or prevented from reaching the baby.

  • Couple not able to conceive after one year of regular unprotected intercourse with female age less than 35 and six months if the female age is older than 35. You are attempting to conceive if you are not using birth control pills or condom.
  • Women with known or possible fertility factor: these could include women with no menses or irregular cycles, women diagnosed with PID, prior pelvic surgery, endometriosis or PCOS (polycystic ovary).
  • Men with known or possible fertility factor: erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction, retrograde ejaculation, reduced libido, prior vasectomy, deformities or abnormalities of the penis and abnormalities in sperm analysis
  • Women interested in extending their fertility using egg freezing or couple interested in extending their fertility using embryo freezing.
  • Women and men at risk for reduced fertility due to a disease or disease treatment. This include women and men diagnosed with cancer, those diagnosed with lupus and requiring chemotherapy, women requiring surgery for ovarian cysts or endometriomas and men requiring genital surgery.
  • Women or men carrying or at risk for carrying a genetic disease, strong family history for a genetic problem or conceived a child diagnosed with birth defect.
  • Women with recurrent pregnancy loss: repeated first or second trimester abortion or recurrent preterm delivery.
  • Individuals desiring pregnancy through donor sperm or donor eggs or using a gestational carrier (surrogate).
  • Same sex couples.
  • Women desiring pregnancy with a specified sex for family balancing.

Always remember that consulting with a reproductive endocrinologist is an important safety measure and prevent the transmission of genetic problems to your baby e.g cystic fibrosis in addition to helping you with your specific fertility issues. The vast majority do not require any intervention.

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